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Profile of a Growing City : Tondabayashi

Located about 20 km to the southeast from the center of Osaka, Tondabayashi is rich in nature. There are open fields in the basin of the Ishikawa River which flows through the center of the city. A mountainous district in the south linked to the Kongo mountains. And green hills spreading in the west.Tondabayashi is a city colored with old history and culture, and it is still growing.Jinaimachi,which is in the center of the city,was built in the 16th century by local people under the direction of the14th Saint Shoshu of Koshoji Temple.This area,which had been barren land called"Tonda-no-Shiba",turned into a distribution base and prospered in the Edo Period and continued to develop as an administrative and commercial center. The beautiful streets of Jinaimachi preserve an image of old times. Jinaimachi was combined with Ebitani Village in 1889 and its name was changed to Tondabayashi Town.In 1942,Tondabayashi was amalgamated with 6 neighboring villages and became the 16th City of Osaka Prefecture in 1950. The population was approximately 30,000 when Tondabayashi started as a city but now has increased to 120,000 in 1994.Tondabayashi City is 39.66km2 in area.The rich historical and cultural heritage is scattered all over the city.Also there are large parks full of greenery,public facilities and cultural centers.The layout of city makes it easy for visitors to take a historical stroll.It has become a very attractive area with convenient.means of access.

Municipal emblem
The municipal emblem of Tondabayashi City is formed with the triple initial "to" in katakana of Tondabayashi.Pronounced"tomi".the top of the character, is shaped like an arrow, symbolizing development toward its future.

Municipal Tree : Camphor tree
A grandiose tree representing the image of Tondabayashi which is a city of education and culture full of sunshine and greenery.

Municipal flower : Azalea
The scene of the flowers that bloom by flocking together represent cooperation and solidarity of individual citizens.This flower can be seen at many places in the city