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Tondabayashi City Office

Address:1-1, Tokiwa-cho, Tondabayashi-City, Osaka-Prefecture
Open hours: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Closed: Sundays, national holidays and from December 29 to January 3 inclusive. (Other public facilities have different service hours. Please refer to the concerned section of " Introduction to Tondabayashi's Public Services".)

Layout of departments and divisions in City Hall Building
5th floor *Policy & Planning Division
*Cultural Properties Preservation Division
4th floor

*Contract Investigation Division
*Housing Policy Division
*Urban Policy Division
*Agriculture & Forestry Division
*Commerce, Manufacturing & Tourism Division
*Protection of Human Rights Division
*Office of General Affairs

*Secretariat of Agricultural Committee
*Secretariat of Election Administration Committee
*Secretariat of Auditors Committee
*Secretariat of Watchdog Committee for Equality of Human Rights
*Secretariat of Fixed Property Assessment Committee

*Crisis Management Division
*Roads Traffic Division
*Nature Preservation & Ecology Division
*Coproduction Promotion Division
*Urban Redevelopment For Southern Area Of Tondabayasghi Station Division

3rd floor

*Office of the Mayor
*Office of the Deputy Mayor
*General Affairs Division
*Finance & Budget Division
*General Affairs Division
*Educational Guidance Office

*Personnel Division
*School Lunch Supply Division
*Public Information Disclosure Division

2nd floor

*Child-Support Division
*Child Nurseries Division
*Drainage Management Division
*Drainage Construction Division

*General Affairs Division
*Construction Division
*Secretariat of Municipal Assembly

1st floor

*Civic Affairs Division
*Public Information Disclosure Division

*Waste Management & Ecology Division
*Tax Administration Division
*Tax Payment Division
*National Health Insurance & National Pension Division
*Senior Citizens Welfare & Kaigo-Hoken(Long-Term Care Insurance) Division

*Social Welfare Division
*Disabled Persons' Welfare Division
*Welfare Medical Care Division
*Accounting Division

Other Place
Public Health Promotion Division(3-35, 1-chome, Koyodai [tel:28-5520]) >>in Health Care Center
Social Education Division(11-18, Tokiwa-cho [tel:24-1451]) >>in Youth Welfare Center
Sports Promotion Division(4-1, Miyamadai [tel:24-2265]) >>in Citizens General Gymnasium
School Lunch Supply Division(1-5, 4-chome, nishiitamochi [tel:34-8302]) >>School Lunch Supply Center
Water Purification Division(12-44, 2-chome, kouda [tel:24-1215])
other.. " Introduction to Tondabayashi's Public Services"
Access guide
by the train
Minami-Osaka Line and Nagano Line of Kintetsu [=Kinki Nippon Railways]
Abenobashi --> Tondabayashi-nishiguchi
by the car
Fujiidera IC [Nishi-Meihan Motorway] --> National Road No.170 (20 minutes)
Mihara-Kita IC [Kinki Motorway] --> National Road No.309 (15 minutes)