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Kongo Liaison Office

Address:9-70, 1-chome, Teraike-dai
TEL: 0721(29)1401
This office mainly carries out liaison business with the City Office, and provides various services for the residents of Kongo Danchi and the neighboring area. The following certificate or documents can be obtained from this office on the same day that you make a request.

Copy of residents registration card / copy of separation from residents registration card / certificate of alien registration / extract or copy of family register / extract or copy of separation from family register /, copy of attached slit to family register / certificate of mentioned items / certificate of seal registration / certificate of taxation of municipal & prefectural tax / certificate of income / certificate of decision of municipal & prefectural tax / certificate of fixed property tax assessment / notification of fixed property tax amount / certificate of municipal & prefectural tax payment / certificate of fixed property tax & city planning tax payment / certificate of small-sized vehicle tax (under 999 cc).